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Our mission is to make smart contracts a simple and accessible tool for every person. To provide access to the digital economy values to the general public, to give a powerful impetus to let the blockchain technology enter into the masses. Here you can find tutorials about using the platform, smart contracts deployment and uploading your own constructor of smart contracts.

If you are new to this technology, check out our introduction article.


In this section you can find tutorials for users and developers.


Description of smart contracts, that you can already deploy on the platform.

  • Simple Ico. Simple and reliable smart contracts system for ICO. You get ERC20 token with custom name, ticker and crowdsale with settable sale period, hardcap and token to ETH rate.
  • ERC20 Token. Standard ERC20 token with custom name, ticker and optional minting, burning, emission limit, premint and pause functions.
  • Dividend Token. ERC-20 compatible token, representing shares of holders in some DAO, and automatically distributing payments(dividends) between shareholders.
  • Simple Voting. Just simple and robust ballot contract. Suitable for fast cooking crypto-protected voting in any organisation.
  • Multisignature Wallet. Wallet contract to keep your funds under protection of more than one signature. Number of signatures and quorum are adjustable, for example 2/3 or 3/5.
  • Atomic Swap. Two participants can swap tokens for ETH or tokens with this simple smart contract.
  • Multitoken. In this smart contract you can create a variety of non-standard tokens.
  • Smartz Token. ERC20-compatible token with additional features: freezing tokens, burning tokens, approveAndCall function. Used as Smartz platform token.
  • Booking. Contract for the rental of real estate.
  • Ledger. A universal smart contract for storing a variety of structured data.
  • ERC721 Token. Unique, non-fungible tokens in smart contracts.
  • Merkle Airdrop. A smart contract for distributing tokens using the Merkle Tree algorithm.
  • BetMe. Make a bet for whatever you want and invite a specific person to take it or broadcast it widely.
  • Invoice. Bill your customers using this flexible and convenient smart contract. Can be paid by one sufficient transaction or accumulate funds from many. Can be limited in duration.