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How to use the platform via the Trust Wallet mobile app and integrated Trust Browser wallet

Mobile application makes it possible to easily access the platform "Trust - Ethereum & ERC20 Wallet". This is a wallet for mobile devices, which supports Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. It helps to securely receive, send, and store your digital assets.

Being a part of "Trust - Ethereum & ERC20 Wallet," Trust Browser is a fully-featured browser, which can interact with Dapp directly from a mobile device. Also, it is fully compatible with the Smartz platform.

You can download the app for your device at the following link:

This wallet gives you full control of secret keys, which are stored only on your device.

Registration of a new wallet

After a simple registration procedure, you will be able to manage transactions and use the browser.

By default, the app works with the primary Ethereum network. In order to test the platform choose the Rinkeby test network in Settings (Network tab) section.

Refill your wallet (address is specified in Wallet section – press Send button) by sending ether from your account to MetaMask or another application, or use the Rinkeby Authenticated Faucet, in order to get test ether for free. Instructions on receiving are specified in our tutorial Contract deployment.

Access to smart contracts

In a little while you will receive ether on your account. After this go to the Browser section and enter the following address:

You can register (or log in) on the platform the same way as in desktop browser — via Google or Facebook account or by pressing the Login button.

Contracts can be deployed similarly — according to "Contract deployment page ". The ether transaction with which you deploy the contract will be reflected in the Transactions section of the Trust application.

The majority of contracts on the platform are deployed for free; you will have to pay only for gas. If you have deployed an ERC20-token contract, the amount of tokens you get after deployment will be specified in the Wallet section.

Now you can start working with smart contracts on the Smartz platform using a mobile app.